Hi, my name is Jamilah. Welcome to my blog!

“What makes you so special?”

“Nothing. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.”

-Steve Rogers

Here’s some of my writing:

  • Queer-ibbean


    I’ve spoken a bit about my friend Amanda on here, as they are the founder of the Unplug Collective. We went to high school together and not only are they amazing, but they are also one of the few people in my life I can discuss issues like these with. Amanda is a graduating senior […]

  • My Passion For Fitness

    My Passion For Fitness

    I identify as a certified gym rat, and I think I’m a little more obsessed than passionate. I have been a regular at my local gym for the past year and I started seriously strength training 3 months ago. It started out as a casual hobby that took up about 45 mins twice a week, […]

  • Carnival Tabanca

    Carnival Tabanca

    Recently on the internet, I am most excited about the way the internet has played a huge role in the education and cultural exchange across the African Diaspora. Yes, the internet was made to connect people all over the world, but it still blows my mind how well it works! For some context, I am […]

I love getting into new music. Here’s my song of the week. What’s yours?